Niederösterreichische Saatbaugenossenschaft

The seedproducing co-operative of Lower Austria (NÖS) was founded in 1927 in order to produce high-quality seed potatoes. The cooperative is Austria’s only potato breeder and at the time the largest seed potato multiplier organization.

New addition to the NÖS range

Following the positive judgement of the Variety Commission, we are starting 2024 with two new varieties:
We are pleased to present the newly approved mainly firm cooking varieties Benjamin and Lisbeth.
You can find more detailed information on the characteristics of the two varieties in the respective variety sheet (Benjamin & Lisbeth).

As Benjamin and Lisbeth are still very young, seed availability for cultivation in 2024 is limited for both varieties.
However, there is enough seed available for carrying out trials.
This allows you to test whether the varieties are suitable for your requirements and your farm.
If you require quantities for trials or have any questions about the two varieties, our team will be happy to advise you.

Think about your seed order now!

You can find more information about our varieties under Our Varieties or in our Catalogue of Varieties. If you have any further questions about the varieties our team will be happy to help you by phone on 02842/52402. If you already know which varieties you would like to grow in the coming season, please use our order form now and send us your order online or by e-mail to bestellung@noes.at.

Generation change in the cooperative!

DI Michael Buxbaum was appointing as the new managing director of NÖS. Ing. Manfred Herynek begins his well-deserved retirement.

Europatat Congress Dublin, Irland 2022!

Form 29th to 30th May we participate the Europatat Congress in Dublin Irland to celebrate Europatat’s 70th Anniversary. After a networking reception on Sunday 29 of May, internal meetings and the General Assembly followed on Monday.

Congratulations to Tigran Richter the new president of Europatat. Next to that the official opening of the World Potato Congress started. 

„Goldenen Ehrenzeichens des Landes Niederösterreich“ conferment upon DI Felix Fuchs

We congratulate our retired breeder DI Felix Fuchs to his conferment of the „Goldenen Ehrenzeichens für seine Verdienste am Land Niederösterreich“. This decoration was awarded to him on 17. May by the governor of lower austria Johanna Mikl-Leitner.

We give thanks to Felix for his many years of good cooperation and once again congratulate him on all his professional successes in breeding and international cooperation.

Foto: NLK Pfeiffer

Awarding of  the „Goldener Erdapfel“

During the conference of the Interessensgemeinschaft Erdäpfelbau (IGE) the best potato producers in Austria were awarded the „Goldener Erdapfel“.

We are very pleased that our breeds VALDIVIA  and GRAZIOSA were once again rewarded in the „firm cooking“ category. Our variety VALDIVIA was convincing for the fifth time in a row and took first place. Since 2015, she has always featured heavily in the top 10. Our GRAZIOSA varieties took second place this year. Since 2018, GRAZIOSA has also repeatedly been among the top 10 firm cooking varieties. We congratulate all award winners and thank you for the good cooperation and trust in Austrian breeds.

„Goldene Knolle“ for DI Felix Fuchs

We are particularly pleased that we can congratulate our old breeder DI Felix Fuchs on being awarded the „Golden Knolle“. The award of the IGE was given to him for his lifework and commitment for the potato cultivation in Austria.

Felix Fuchs was congratulated by the the vice-president Lorenz Mayr of the „Landwirtschaftskammer NÖ: „DI Felix Fuchs was thanked for his life’s work with the „Goldene Knolle“.  As head of seed breeding, he registered 37 potato varieties. He was essential in making the Ditta variety internationally known. With the Valdivia variety, he has brought a potato onto the market that is always at the forefront of the Golden Potatoes. Thank you for your commitment dear Felix and all the best and health for your new phase of life”.

Fotocredit: AMA-Marketing/Georg Pomaßl

Our new varieties!

Attached you can watch the Imagemovie of NÖS 

New Varieties

NÖS the only potato breeder in Austria breeds new varieties of potatoes which differs from the others. New varieties are often distinguished by better characteristics in taste, in the meat or skin colour or better resistances against virus diseases compared to the tried and tested varieties.

New varieties