Niederösterreichischen Saatbaugenossenschaft

The seedproducing co-operative of Lower Austria (NÖS) was founded in 1927 in order to produce high-quality seed potatoes. The cooperative is Austria’s only potato breeder and at the time the largest seed potato multiplier organization.

 We proudly present our new variety this year


  • mealy cooking
  • especially for French fries
  • high starch content
  • stable shape of tuber

More information you find under new varities or you can download the discription of each variety 

Attached you can watch the Imagemovie of NÖS 

New Varieties

NÖS the only potato breeder in Austria breeds new varieties of potatoes which differs from the others. New varieties are often distinguished by better characteristics in taste, in the meat or skin colour or better resistances against virus diseases compared to the tried and tested varieties.

New varieties